Affirmation - I have much to offer to the world.

Affirmation - I have much to offer to the world.

I have much to offer to the world.


My ability to see my self-worth grows by leaps and bounds each day. I am becoming more confident in myself, my skills, and abilities. I am a valuable person that has a lot to offer the world.


I know it would be a shame to keep my gifts to myself. The world needs me to express myself and to allow my uniqueness to shine.


I may sometimes doubt myself, but those feelings are very short-lived. It is easy for me to remember how wonderful and amazing I am. I prove my greatness each and every day.


My self-esteem is high and well-deserved. I am feeling more centered and secure each day.


I recall my past successes with great detail. I am able to feel the same emotions and physical sensations as I did during the actual event. This bolsters my confidence in myself.


I have as much to offer the world as anyone else.


I spend each day doing my best to affect the world in a positive way. It is my obligation and my pleasure. Sharing my gifts with the world brings my great pleasure and rewards.


Today, I give the world my very best. I am free of anxiety and self-consciousness. I bravely share myself with those that need me.



Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What are my greatest strengths? What can I do well that no one knows about?
  2. Why do I hold back? What am I afraid of?
  3. What is the worst that is likely to happen if I offered the world my best?
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