Declaration - I eliminate the root of negative mindsets.

Declaration - I eliminate the root of negative mindsets.

I eliminate the root of negative mindsets.

My daily mission is to maintain a positive mindset. I recognize that maintaining a constructive and optimistic outlook helps me to achieve great things. I pinpoint the root of negativity and focus on eliminating it.

I realize that negative thinking very rarely stands alone. A pessimistic mindset stems from situations or relationships that are also negative.

My relationship with my friends has a significant impact on how I think. When I find myself pondering things in an unhealthy way, I stop to think about the influence. It is sometimes difficult to decide to remove myself from situations that tear me down instead of uplift me. But my overall wellness is of utmost importance.

When I realize that an environment or relationship is having a negative impact on me, I choose to remove myself from it. I suffer the losses and embrace my newfound positivity and overall health.

Making my environment nurturing helps me to develop effective traits. These traits further help me to become successful at each thing I pursue.

Building a positive mindset has great benefits. It results in attracting other positive thinkers whose focus is also on building instead of breaking. I am happier in that kind of environment.

Today, I continue to chip away at anything that contributes negatively to my life. My friends, family, and work life are all meant to uplift me. I commit to opening myself to positive situations so I am able to have uplifting experiences.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What techniques can I use to gently break unhealthy relationships?

  2. In what ways do I contribute to creating a negative environment?

  3. How do I contribute to creating a positive environment?

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