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VIP Admission for the Get Your Book Done Challenge

VIP Admission for the Get Your Book Done Challenge

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VIP access is only for those who dare to push the limits. These tools will help you work smarter and get to the results you desire. Here's what you'll receive for a one-time fee of $47. (Full Price $1,050+)

Challenge Success Kit

This kit gives you the advantage you need to exceed your goals for this challenge. It includes: must-have templates, checklists, scripts, etc. These are the tools that every aspiring author and speaker uses to consistently grow their personal brand. When you purchase a VIP PASS, you have access it it too. 

Value: $200

4 Study Hall Sessions

Study Hall is a daily group session that gives you that extra help you may need to successfully execute new strategies in your brand. This is your daily opportunity to ask additional questions and gain clarity around assigned tasks so that you can quickly get your story out to the world. 

Value: $400

VIP Zoom Access

VIP PASS Golders have exclusive Zoom access to the daily challenge trainings. The Zoom includes real-time, direct access to interact with Jessica. You'll be able to ask questions and have Jessica do deep-dive into challenges you're facing in your personal brand. 

Value: Priceless

5 Hot Seats Calls With Jessica T. Moore

Enter the Zoom at 7:30 pm ET for your opportunity to have Jessica give you an on-the-spot breakdown of your current storytelling strategies. These hot seats save brands thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and misallocated resources. As an added bonus, put your personal brand in from t of customers who willing and able to pay for your products and services. (Note: Be sure to join the calls early to get your questions answered before the session is over.)

Value: $500

We DO NOT OFFER this deal ANYWHERE ELSE! Take advantage of this deal now!

This is your one shot to skyrocket your results from the 5-Day Get Your Book Done Challenge and immediately get your story to the world!


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